Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bamboo break

My friend and i work together to finish bamboo box... They helps me so much in this event... They teach me how to cut the of tie the bamboo and many more... I really aprreciate about it... really.. thanks!! my friend~

This is my bamboo cube which made by bamboo. All are 1m x 1m x 1m.

My bamboo cube !! My name and Matric no + course.

Bamboo cube are arrange in position with my friend.

We try to form a shape out of out bamboo cubes.

we are all waiting patient for the next activity... jugment..

My cube is on top of wei gian's bamboo cube.

All cubes are in front of E48b... waiting for the jugment.

Cik Wan try to explain how to made a stonger steady bamboo cube and these bamboo cube are all failed.

Oh friend CPS's bamboo cube... pity..

Discussion about the bamboo cubes... all worry about their bammbo cubes now.

This is the structure we made out from 8 bamboo cube. Great!!

Lets take a picture for them precious moment!! cheers!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Motivasion Kem Pimpin siswa

On 7 ogos 2009, i go to kem pimpin siswa in perak, D'risa.

I had gained many experinced from kem pimpin siswa. We must cooperate and work together as a team to win the activity or game.

I also experinced the jungle tracking , it was the most interesting activity in kem pimpin siswa. We are awaken by the Allang( leader of the group) in 1.30pm. There are many mud in the jungle. My shirt, trouser and shoes were covered with mud. Im lucky because i have the shoes (kasut adidas kampung ). It was great in holding the soil.

Other than that , i was very happy because can get all the gift such as 2 shirt and
big,useful bag!!haha..

See.... RM 1 in my shoulder... cool??

Ready to go!!!!!

My roommate and I with super good smile..

On the way to D'risa, taking a nap... Zzzzz...

Friendships forever!! cheers!!

Sir and us!! so strict...

End of the camp... Hope we can work together if got chances!

Project 3A : My Lovely Cube(Perspective)

Sheet 1 (solid6-sided cubes)

I draw four cubes according to a point.

sheet 2 ( 4&5 sided cuboid boxes)

I draw boxes with a hole inside in the center.

Sheet 3 ( transparent & translucent cubes on your previous sarong sketches)

I draw a transparent cube using dust of 6B pencil and my sarong inside.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seen-Unseen: Privacy

On 24/7/09 friday,Dr . Ilias has gave us about the talk of Seen-Unseen : Privacy.

It was quite a interesting talk.As we can see many picture show by Dr . Ilias about story of a poor little boy, a rich little boy,a poor little girl, a rich little girl and story of elephant and pokok asam.

From the story, i had learned that we must always manage our money and time properly.We must focus on our study and maintain our good result to achieve success.
  • Manage money=Do not waste our money to buy watever thing that not important. Used the money to buy right equipment that was required in the class.
  • Manage time=Do not used the time to sleep in class,having puppy love during lesson or chating using MSN.

We must not bring down the hope of our family and relatives.

In the story of rich girl and poor girl, i had learned that the girl must wear a proper attire in whole time. The first impression is very important.

In the story of elephant, i realised that we must not always follow the thing said by our senior. Sometimes the advices from senior is good.. but it just can be a reference. We should always discover the thing by ourselves, not by other.So we can gain experience from it.On top of that , we should think out of the box.Not to tied by the logical thinking.

I will analyze my strength, weaknesses and opportunities all the time.If i find something( strength, weakness, opportunity) to be improved, i will try my best to change in a perfect person.

Thanks for the talk.


Project 2c: THE MASK

Process 1

My friend,Wei pin is helping me to paste the tissue paper on my face as the first layer.

Process 2

My friends, Wei pin and Steven were finished the pasting of the newpapers layer.We used then newpapers for the second layer.

Process 3

We were using the double A paper for the third layer.We paste it with glue.(make with tepung ubi kayu + water) I was waiting it to dry..

Process 4

It was dried!! cool??

Process 5

I try to paint it with colour which almost like colour of the human face.

Process 6
I used markerpen to draw the eyes and the eyebrows.

Monday, July 20, 2009


What is the meaning of existance? It means state or fact of existing.(from oxford dictionary)

We can refer back to the six basic element.
  1. act=Think
  2. actor=I
  3. product=Myself
  4. site =where are we exist
  5. rule=the rule of existance
  6. intention=Why do we exist

--Quoting from book:And I have not created the jinn and the men except that they should serve me.

=>The purpose of existance is to serve the creator such as Mother nature,Father and etc..

--Quoting from book:Follow what has been revealed to you from your lord and do not follow guardians besides him, how little do you mind.
=>Just follow what had given to you ,dont influent by others.

--Quoting from book:54:17 And we have indeed made the Quran easy to understand, but is there anyone who will mind?

=>If we are interest, no matter how hard it is, we still can understand it.

--Quoting from book:14:24 Have you not considered how Allah sets forth a parable of a good word(being)like a good tree, whose root is firm and whose branches are in heaven.

=>We considered that the word "existance" is a good word, just like a good tree, whose root is firm and whose branches are in heaven.

Monday, July 6, 2009

"The BIg Bang"

  • The orientation will start on 9 JULY till 12 JULY.

  • After the lesson on thursday,we will gather at the E48B on 5.15p.m and game will start then.

  • The Fee is about RM36 per person.The organizer say that they will provide a grand dinner for us at the last day...

  • althought i interested in this Orientation.but...i quite sad because i cannot go back to my hometown in this weekends...My father get i will go back home more oftenly if i can.I had pay the fees ald..and the organizer said that this activity counting on the be it...


    Thursday 09/07/09-----5.15p.m(E48B)
    Fridays 10/07/09-----3.00p.m (E48B)
    -----8.30p.m(Dataran Merah)
    Saturday 11/07/09-----10.00am(E48B)

    PS: If im not wrong.. Hope that the organizer will give the time table later...
  • Day 1

  • Today(9 JULY 2009), we are gather at stadium.A futsal competiton is organised near the stadium. We are going there to give them support.Everyone were excited to see the match.

  • It is a good experince to see the match.I never see the field of futsal match..It is smaller then football field and surrounded by wires.

  • Althought,our team not so good in performance.But they are always the best!!

Day 2

  • Proud to be a group of HBP!

  • Structure of other groups.

Day 3

  • This is the game of prevent the egg break..

  • Our structure is complete!!

  • Judgement Day!!

  • Im in the Group 5.Fly.......My best teammates!!

Day 4

  • Grand dinner!! Cheers!!

  • My friends and I with masked !!haha..

  • Masked rider + Phantom of the Opera....

  • Wow.....Seniors....Nice painting!!