Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bamboo break

My friend and i work together to finish bamboo box... They helps me so much in this event... They teach me how to cut the of tie the bamboo and many more... I really aprreciate about it... really.. thanks!! my friend~

This is my bamboo cube which made by bamboo. All are 1m x 1m x 1m.

My bamboo cube !! My name and Matric no + course.

Bamboo cube are arrange in position with my friend.

We try to form a shape out of out bamboo cubes.

we are all waiting patient for the next activity... jugment..

My cube is on top of wei gian's bamboo cube.

All cubes are in front of E48b... waiting for the jugment.

Cik Wan try to explain how to made a stonger steady bamboo cube and these bamboo cube are all failed.

Oh friend CPS's bamboo cube... pity..

Discussion about the bamboo cubes... all worry about their bammbo cubes now.

This is the structure we made out from 8 bamboo cube. Great!!

Lets take a picture for them precious moment!! cheers!!

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